From the beginning of the camp season to its end, there's always something special happening at Decoma Day Camp!

Theme Days

Each week of camp brings exciting special days and activities:  Crazy Hat Day, Carnival Days, Halloween Day, Olympic Day and Western Day just to name a few. Often we have visits from ponies, puppeteers, magicians, disc jockeys, animal shows, moonwalks, carnival rides, etc. to coincide with our special events. Campers and staff help plan these fantastic days and the anticipation is almost as fun as the actual event!




Green and White 

Cheers can be heard throughout the neighborhood during the Green & White Games!  Campers are designated as either a Green or a White and will remain on that team for all their years at Decoma.


Throughout the summer there are tons of different games and competitions including relay races on land and in the pool, a water balloon launch, counselor tug-of-war, kickball, volleyball, and more. Points are even awarded for team spirit!  Green and White Games culminate with the exciting Counselor Hunt followed by closing celebrations.  Most important are the teamwork and enthusiasm shared by all of our campers and staff during this fun and friendly competition.



Talent Show

Our annual Staff Talent Show is hilarious and the children love to see their counselors perform. Parents are  invited to attend the Camper Talent Show at the end of the summer.  A great deal of planning and rehearsing goes into these performances and we are always impressed with the amount of talent possessed by our Decoma campers and staff.

Field Trips

There are a number of fabulous water parks in the North Shore and during the summer our older campers will have an opportunity to visit some of them.   


Additional trips may be to theatrical performances, movies, bowling, nature centers and several other interesting destinations. 


Notification is sent in advance and close supervision is maintained on field trips as well as on camp grounds.